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Solenoid Valve Block - BMW X5 (E70), X6 (E71)

Shipping Weight: 0.5 Kg

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OEM Number(s): 37206789937, 37206789938

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Solenoid Valve Block - BMW X5 (E70), X6 (E71) K-2898

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Solenoid Valve Block - BMW X5 (E70), X6 (E71) K-2898

Arnott’s Air Suspension Solenoid Valve Block is a direct replacement for the vehicle’s failing valve block. The Arnott Solenoid Valve Block is made from the highest quality materials such as O-Rings and Electrical Components and is designed to meet or exceed the original equipment. An air suspension solenoid valve block is responsible for distributing air from the Compressor to your Air Struts or Air Springs. Over time valve block O-Rings can dry rot and leak air causing your compressor to overwork or allow moisture to degrade the electrical solenoid components causing additional problems.

• Made from High Quality Components
• Helps restore the original air suspension system
• Manufactured to meet or exceed the OE quality
• Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Solenoid Valve Block - BMW X5 (E70), X6 (E71) Reviews

Arnott gives customers in the European Union in addition to the claims based on statutory liability for defects a limited (Arnott’s warranty is non-transferable) lifetime warranty for Compressors, Air Springs, Air Struts, Shocks and Arnott Conversion kits. In case of warranty Arnott decide at its own discretion, whether a defective part is repaired or replaced with a new part.

For complete Warranty details and limitations, please click here.

Solenoid Valve Block - BMW X5 (E70), X6 (E71) fits the following vehicle(s):
[All vehicle fits]
  • 2007 BMW X5 (E70 Chassis)
  • 2008 BMW X5 (E70 Chassis)
  • 2009 BMW X5 (E70 Chassis)
  • 2010 BMW X5 (E70 Chassis)
  • 2011 BMW X5 (E70 Chassis)
  • 2012 BMW X5 (E70 Chassis)
  • 2013 BMW X5 (E70 Chassis)
  • 2008 BMW X6 (E71 Chassis)
  • 2009 BMW X6 (E71 Chassis)
  • 2010 BMW X6 (E71 Chassis)
  • 2011 BMW X6 (E71 Chassis)
  • 2012 BMW X6 (E71 Chassis)
  • 2013 BMW X6 (E71 Chassis)
  • 2014 BMW X6 (E71 Chassis)

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